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    $70k in Student Loan Debt

    Dan is a grad with a degree in Business Administration. He had to borrow almost all of his tuition. Parent Plus loans, Federal Loans, and Private loans have him struggling to enjoy his 20s. ChangEd is his solution to getting out of this debt sooner and for less.


    $55k in Student Loan Debt

    Nick has a degree in Entrepreneurship and has a big issues with 9-5 jobs. He borrowed most of his tuition. He refinanced his loans, reassessed his repayment plans and is excited to use the ChangEd app to help pay his loans even more effectively.

  • About Us and Our Beta Program

    We're building this for a reason

    Who we are

    Hi! My name is Nick and I'd like to introduce myself and my brother Dan. We're the two guys behind ChangEd and are super excited to get rid of student loan debt and help everyone live without that annoying loan payment every month.


    My brother Dan and I both have a ton of student loan debt. It's not easy seeing that the $50K-$60K we borrowed for school is going to end up costing over $100K if we stick to the loan company's "repayment plan".


    So we're fighting back and knocking down principal payments by sending these loans our spare change! The ChangEd app is going to help make this automated and easy to do!

    Our Beta Program

    If you're not familiar with what a beta program/app is let me explain. It's basically a rough draft of an app. The app is fully functional and secure, it just won't be super pretty and may have some bugs. As a beta user, you'll help us find these bugs and make sure everything flows correctly.


    Our beta will be a bit different than most. We're gonna get personal. We want to hear from you, I'll email you from time to time asking how it's going, what ticks you off, what you need/want added to the app. We want you to be a part of the team as we build this out and craft it. So if you're down to be a part of a kind of student loan revolution and help stick it to these loan companies making millions off of interest, sign up to our beta. We'll be choosing 100 of you gals/guys to join us as we make this happen!